Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Days off

I am going to have some days off! Well at least some half days. hehe
My IL's are off the rest of the year and were begging to keep the boys for multiple days during their time off. Well I said okie dokie! So they will be keeping Jax for a few days this week and Gavin for a few hours at a time. Gavin is still nursing quite a bit so I am unable to stray too far from him. I have been pumping milk a lot more this time around making it easier to leave him. I tell ya this time around I have been REALLY laid back. I thought I was a relaxed mommy with Jax but man with Gavin its a different story...
I really like to have some time alone with Gavin. I really haven't had much time alone with him. And the time I do have with him is rushed because I have a needy toddler that needs tending to at all times! So when we are all alone we spend time nursing in quiet and snuggling together. Although I think it makes Gavin feel weird because he is so used to noise and chaos, that when we have quiet time he squirms and whines. That is funny to me.
So I have been taking advantage of having one child by running errands and trying to get on top of my house work. Man I really had it made with one kiddo! You really don't understand how difficult it is to have multiple children until you add one more. ;)

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