Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hanging out with Dad!

Well this morning Scott took Jaxon while mommy could catch up on some much needed mommy time. You would think that I would give myself a mani-pedi, or a facial or even clean up my messy house. NO!!!!! I slept in like a big bum! Awe how I needed it, after a week of being sick and not getting much sleep at all I thank you my awesome, bestest, husband, daddy in the whole world! This was very nice of Scott to do since he hasn't been feeling well with a sinus infection all week too! But anyhow I really only have a couple of pics to show and this is after Jax and Dad had been on a walk around the block to see some geese at a pond near our house. We didn't get any pictures of that because Dad had his hands full with Jax in his stroller on one hand and Larkin our lab in his other hand! I am just so thankful that Scott is willing to take Jaxon for long periods of time and that Jax loves his DaDa so much that he will go with him for long periods of time!

Here you can see Jax's teefers that came thru...

"Look OUT! Get outta the way!"