Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pics over the last couple of months

Here are some photos from the past couple of months. Hope you enjoy them. The next ones that I will be adding will be of Jaxon's first birthday party! *tear*

Jax likes to help load and unload the diswasher.

Yummy spaghetti for the first time!

"This one right here Mama!"
"I'm king of the pumpkins!"
Jax in his halloween costume. He's the best looking scarecrow in the world!
Lexo giving Jax kisses!
Larkin giving Jax kisses!
Pumpkin carving time!
Dad and Jax after they carved their pumpkin. Thank God we didn't lose any fingers! HA
Up close and personal!
I'm coming for you!


Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. When you have a child that is now mobile and gets into everything, it is kinda hard to get on the computer and type! Jax has grown so much over the past couple of months! He is now crawling and cruising, which he has been doing for some time now! Everyone says to watch out when he starts walking. Well I feel that I already know with him crawling everywhere! It's hard to get one task done fully! I will get into something and have to stop three of four times just to check and make sure he isn't doing something he isn't supposed to be doing!

Also I have noticed hoe different girls play from boys, even this early on. Jax has a little girlfriend that he plays with at least once a week and it is amazing to watch them interact. She plays quietly in one spot with a few toys. Jax will not! He will play with one toy, throw it as far as he can, go get that toy, but will be distracted on the way by another to and stop there to play! He will scream at the top of his lungs with laughter, and that will in turn make his little girlfriend cry!

We have a birthday coming up in less than 11 days and I am excited. I can't believe how this year has just flown by! I am a mother of a 1 year old that is amazing and yet so hard to believe! I am pleased that I have made it through this first year! It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant getting ready to deliver him!

Well... expect some photos to be posted in the next day or so....