Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pics over the last couple of months

Here are some photos from the past couple of months. Hope you enjoy them. The next ones that I will be adding will be of Jaxon's first birthday party! *tear*

Jax likes to help load and unload the diswasher.

Yummy spaghetti for the first time!

"This one right here Mama!"
"I'm king of the pumpkins!"
Jax in his halloween costume. He's the best looking scarecrow in the world!
Lexo giving Jax kisses!
Larkin giving Jax kisses!
Pumpkin carving time!
Dad and Jax after they carved their pumpkin. Thank God we didn't lose any fingers! HA
Up close and personal!
I'm coming for you!


Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. When you have a child that is now mobile and gets into everything, it is kinda hard to get on the computer and type! Jax has grown so much over the past couple of months! He is now crawling and cruising, which he has been doing for some time now! Everyone says to watch out when he starts walking. Well I feel that I already know with him crawling everywhere! It's hard to get one task done fully! I will get into something and have to stop three of four times just to check and make sure he isn't doing something he isn't supposed to be doing!

Also I have noticed hoe different girls play from boys, even this early on. Jax has a little girlfriend that he plays with at least once a week and it is amazing to watch them interact. She plays quietly in one spot with a few toys. Jax will not! He will play with one toy, throw it as far as he can, go get that toy, but will be distracted on the way by another to and stop there to play! He will scream at the top of his lungs with laughter, and that will in turn make his little girlfriend cry!

We have a birthday coming up in less than 11 days and I am excited. I can't believe how this year has just flown by! I am a mother of a 1 year old that is amazing and yet so hard to believe! I am pleased that I have made it through this first year! It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant getting ready to deliver him!

Well... expect some photos to be posted in the next day or so....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hanging out with Dad!

Well this morning Scott took Jaxon while mommy could catch up on some much needed mommy time. You would think that I would give myself a mani-pedi, or a facial or even clean up my messy house. NO!!!!! I slept in like a big bum! Awe how I needed it, after a week of being sick and not getting much sleep at all I thank you my awesome, bestest, husband, daddy in the whole world! This was very nice of Scott to do since he hasn't been feeling well with a sinus infection all week too! But anyhow I really only have a couple of pics to show and this is after Jax and Dad had been on a walk around the block to see some geese at a pond near our house. We didn't get any pictures of that because Dad had his hands full with Jax in his stroller on one hand and Larkin our lab in his other hand! I am just so thankful that Scott is willing to take Jaxon for long periods of time and that Jax loves his DaDa so much that he will go with him for long periods of time!

Here you can see Jax's teefers that came thru...

"Look OUT! Get outta the way!"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dog Eat Dog

As I was making Jax's baby food yesterday afternoon, I heard Lex, our Yorkie, barking. I looked down to see what he was fussing about. And this is what I saw. Jax had scooted over from his tupperware cabinet to Lex's food and water bowls. Lex wasn't too happy at Jax trying to "eat" his food. HA! So I decided to take a few shots with my camera phone before moving Jax out of the way so Lex could enjoy his dinner! I can see those two having a good time as soon as Jax is mobile!

"Hey quit crowding the bowl!"

"Save some for me!"

Friday, August 7, 2009

Jaxon's new thing

Jax's newest thing while Momma is in the kitchen is to get into the cabinet where all the tupperware is and play. This will keep him busy for a little while Momma finishes what ever she was doing in the kitchen. Jaxon is such a wonderful baby, keeping himself entertained when Momma needs a few minutes to do things around the house.

What bowl do I wanna play with today?

Look Momma I have a bowl! hehe

Here is a picture of Jaxon trying to crawl. He hasn't quite got it figured out yet. He tries to get that leg underneath him but when he does it makes his other leg go back behind him. Then he just does a belly flop.

I think I can! I think I can!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Play Date

Yesterday Jax enjoyed a play date with his friend Mali. (Who, BTW, was in the same birthing class as Jax). Unfortunately I didn't think to take any pictures. Mali is about a week and a half older than Jax and she is already crawling and cruising everywhere! Jax loved to watch her go! I just hope by watching her he doesn't learn any new tricks! Just kidding I do want him to crawl, I just am not ready to baby proof EVERYTHING!

Mali also wasn't threatened by the fact of Jax being a boy either! She can rough house with the best of them! Jax is so gentle natured that he just let her beat up on him and then he'd offer her a toy to beat on instead of his head! LOL

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pincer Grasper

Jaxon has been using his pincer grasper tool for some time but I thought that I would post some photos showing just that... pincer grasper is when a baby uses their pointer finger and thumb to pick up a toy or a food item, such as a cheerio or in this case banana.

Here you can see both his pointer fingers out trying to scoop up as many bananas as he can.

"Say Cheese... or BANANA". I just love my bananas Momma!

Something else that he has been doing for some time now is drinking out of his sippy cup like a big boy. He loves to drink his water after he is done eating.

Peekaboo. I can see you!

Good to the last drop!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Well... Jax is officially getting teeth! He has been drooling and chewing on things for months now, but it is official, I see a white spec poking through. Actually I see 4 little white specs poking through. I can't believe we have waited for his first tooth for 8 months now to get 4 at once! I guess that it might be better this way, getting it over all at once instead of 4 separate occasions!

Jax is taking it like a champ, not too much fussing. But he does have a serious runny nose! I guess it comes with the territory...

I just can't believe how much my baby is growing! Each milestone is bittersweet.

Jax teething on his cooling ring.

There are 2 teefers down there... you can barely see them poking through.

Jax chews on anything he can... you can see the top 2 teefers trying to make it through...

Welcome to the world of blogging!

Well here it is... Everyone has been asking if I have a blog, well now I do! Welcome to Jaxon's blog. We will be going on a wonderful journey together as we look at Jaxon and how he grows.